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  • What Is the Minimum Amount of Liability Coverage You’re Required to Carry in Texas?

What Is the Minimum Amount of Liability Coverage You’re Required to Carry in Texas?

Every state requires drivers to carry automobile insurance. Under the Texas Transportation Code, drivers must be able to prove that they can be financially responsible for any accident that they might cause. With only rare exceptions, drivers use automobile insurance to meet this requirement.

While auto insurance policies can include many elements of coverage, the only coverage requirement in Texas is liability insurance, which pays for damages caused by a driver’s negligence. It is this portion of the car insurance that will pay to fix the other car and pay medical expenses related to injuries that the accident causes to other people. Texas statutes have three requirements with respect to liability insurance:

  • $30,000 of coverage for injuries to or the death of one person
  • $60,000 of coverage for injuries or the death of two or more persons
  • $25,000 of coverage for damage to others’ property

This combination of coverage is commonly called 30/60/25 coverage.

The limits of your liability coverage do not put a cap on how much injured parties may recover for their injuries. If you enter a judgment against the responsible party and it is more than the liability coverage in their insurance policy, they are personally responsible for the excess. For instance, say someone pays for the state minimum 30/60/25 coverage, and they are in an accident that injures you. If those injuries are catastrophic, the medical bills may be in excess of $30,000. In this case, their insurance company will pay the first $30,000 of the judgment and the driver will be responsible for paying the remaining $10,000.

If you’ve been involved in an automobile collision, you need someone on your side to get you the compensation you need to move forward. An experienced automobile accident attorney who knows the laws in Texas will help protect your rights.

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