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  • What Is an Expert Witness and How Can They Help Your Injury Claim?

What Is an Expert Witness and How Can They Help Your Injury Claim?

Expert witnesses can make or break a personal injury case. Whether the injury was caused in an automobile accident, during surgery or some other incident, it is likely that an accident victim will need expert witnesses if the case goes to trial. These witnesses help jurors understand the technicalities of the case, including how the defendant may have acted negligently.

An expert witness must demonstrate that her or she is qualified by education, training, skill and/or experience to testify in a field or practice relevant to the case. Doctors commonly serve as expert witnesses in personal injury suits, but there are many types of experts who are often called to testify, including:

  • Engineers
  • Automobile accident reconstruction experts
  • Other medical professionals, like pain management nurses and physical rehabilitation therapists
  • Computer analysts
  • Phone record analysts

An expert witness may testify as to his opinion, unlike other witnesses who can only testify to what they saw when the accident occurred. An expert reviews the evidence in the case and applies his or her particular knowledge and experience to that evidence. In a surgical malpractice case, for instance, a surgeon serving as an expert witness would review all the hospital records regarding the surgery as well as other evidence like interrogatories or deposition answers by the defendant surgeon. The expert witness would then apply their knowledge and experience to the evidence and arrive at a conclusion as to whether the defendant was negligent or not.

If you were injured in an accident, proving the extent of your damages can be difficult, especially with regard to the pain and suffering you are likely to endure. Your personal injury attorney can consult with expert witnesses experienced in quantifying such damages in order to help you get the compensation you deserve after getting hurt.

Leland Reinhard Law Firm has a wealth of experience with utilizing expert witnesses to prove our clients’ cases. I have connections with many experts in a variety of fields who qualify to testify as expert witnesses. I offer a free initial consultation so that we can discuss your case. Call me at 817-645-5400 or contact me online to schedule your consultation.