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  • The Importance of the Black Box in Trucking Accidents

The Importance of the Black Box in Trucking Accidents

A black box or event data recorder is an electronic device that is installed in vehicles to record data such as speed, time and location. This data can be used to improve safety, investigate accidents and track vehicles. While black boxes are not required in all vehicles, they are becoming increasingly common in trucks.

Black boxes can help to ensure that truck drivers are following the speed limit and other regulations. This is especially important for big rigs due to their size and weight. If a driver of this vehicle does not follow proper safety protocol, they can cause serious accidents.

In the event that an accident involving a truck occurs, that vehicle’s black box could contain crucial information that shows investigators what was happening leading up to the crash. This is vital for determining insurance liability and ensuring that justice is served.

Some of the information a black box contains includes:

  • The speed of the vehicle
  • Broken lights
  • Engine malfunction
  • Cargo weight
  • Traveling direction
  • Blown tires
  • Location
  • Brake temperature
  • What gear the truck was in
  • Whether the horn was operational
  • Driver inputs
  • Post-crash data
  • How many hours the driver has logged  

In many cases, the black box is the only way to determine exactly what happened and who was at fault. Since liability in trucking accidents can involve multiple parties, like the trucking company and third party manufacturers, it’s important to know exactly what went wrong so that fault can be properly determined.

If you've been involved in a trucking accident, speaking with an experienced truck accident attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve. Your attorney will strive to obtain the black box data and use it to your advantage.

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