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Leland Reinhard - Board Certified Personal Injury Attorney
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Unsafe Toys
Sometime a seemingly innocent plaything can pose a real risk to children. The news is constantly peppered with tales of recalled toys that present chemical, choking or other injury hazards. And the reality is that manufacturers who negligently manufacture and sell unsafe and defective toys should be prosecuted of the full extent of the law.

In addition, manufacturers can be held liable when the sell toys without adequately warning the public about dangers associated with certain applications, age groups or design features. Defective assembly and improper design can also lead to negligence claims for toy manufacturers whose products lead to injury or death in children.

If your child was injured by an unsafe or defective toy, you may have a products liability lawsuit. However, state statutes of limitations begin running out at the moment of injury and time is of the essence when considering an unsafe toy lawsuit. Contact the law offices of Johnson County attorney Leland A. Reinhard today for more information and a free, no-obligation case consultation.
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