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Defective Tires
If you or a loved one has been hurt in a motor vehicle accident caused by a defective tire, you may have legal rights. Tires that suddenly blow out, break apart, or otherwise fail can cause cars, commercial trucks, and other vehicles to veer out of control, resulting in death and serious injuries. Millions of tires made by leading brands such as Firestone and Bridgestone and installed on Ford Explorers and other popular models have been recalled because of manufacturing defects that resulted in hundreds of traffic fatalities and injuries.

Tire manufacturers who cut corners and use cheap, faulty materials in the manufacturing of their tires put the lives of millions of innocent motorists at risk. An estimated 15 million tires have been recalled in recent years due to manufacturing or design defects and other flaws that made them unsafe. Tires that are defectively designed or manufactured are far more likely to fail, even when the tires are properly maintained and the vehicle is being driven at safe speeds.

One of the largest defective tire recalls occurred in 2000, when about 15 million Bridgestone and Firestone tires installed on Ford Explorers and other vehicles were ordered off the roads. An estimated 200 motorists across the United States were filled and 700 more were injured in accidents caused by the defective tires.

In 2002, Bridgestone and Firestone recalled seven million tires. The tires included the Firestone ATX, Firestone ATX II, and Wilderness AT tires. In another incident, millions of Continental tires were recalled in 2002 because of manufacturing defects.

Common Tire Defects

Tires that are not properly designed or are made with defective materials are far more likely to rupture and blow out on the road. Tire separation, where the tire tread separates from the tire, is a common and dangerous type of tire defect.

Some of the other most common tire defects include:

• Tire blowout
• Tire or rim explosion
• Non-uniformity of tires
• Tires that wear unevenly
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