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Oil and Gas Well Accidents
The natural gas industry in North Texas is booming as a result of high gas prices and abundant production in the Barnett Shale, which is the gas basin extending through Hood, Johnson, Parker, Tarrant, and Wise Counties.

While this has resulted in record profits for gas companies, it also has resulted in more accidents and deaths and threatens to put many more workers at risk. In order to capitalize on profits, some gas corporations are cutting corners, pressuring workers to move too quickly, insisting that employees work long strenuous hours, in bad weather conditions, or under unsafe, dangerous work conditions. As one of Mr. Reinhard’s investigators often says oil field accidents are usually caused by the attitude that “This oil may have been in the ground for a million years but we are getting it out by Thursday!” In addition, some workers are inexperienced and their training unfortunately occurs after the fact on the job. This puts both them and their coworkers at risk. There is also a high demand for and a shortage of drilling rigs and other necessary equipment. In order to meet this demand, some companies are choosing to keep drilling rigs in the field without routine and proper maintenance or beyond its recommended service date. As anyone in this business knows, equipment failures can be catastrophic. As a result of the above, the risk for serious injury and death on drilling rigs in this field of work is increasing.

Mr. Reinhard is experienced and very knowledgeable in this area. His firm has represented many workers that have been catastrophically injured in gas drilling accidents. Mr Reinhard retains investigators and oil and gas experts with particular expertise in this area. Because and oil field accident may involve a number of entities including owner/operators, drilling companies, service companies, petroleum engineers (or “a company man”) analysis of the drilling rig accident claim might be quite complicated. It is important to seek out the assistance of a qualified drilling rig attorney with experience in regard to oil field claims and litigation. You may call us at (817) 645-5400 or forward your information by email to receive a response from an associate in our office.
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