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Machinery Accidents
Workers in any field that uses heavy machinery – construction, warehousing, manufacturing and many more – are at risk for serious accidents with that machinery. The federal government estimates that three million U.S. workers are at risk for machinery accidents when they clean, maintain, repair or unjam equipment. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports that 120 workers are killed annually and 50,000 are injured in machinery accidents that could have been prevented by stricter adherence to safety laws. Very often, the injury a worker sustains in a machinery accident is the loss of a limb, which is not only physically crippling, but also limits the victim’s future employment prospects and may attract discrimination or stares.

Machinery accidents can be complex. Employers, manufacturers, subcontractors, employees and others may all share part of the blame. An injured worker may be able to collect workers’ compensation payments, limiting – but not removing – the possibility of a lawsuit. For these reasons, it’s important to contact the Reinhard Law Firm as soon as you begin to consider a machinery accident lawsuit. We have practiced personal injury law in Texas since 1976 and have won millions for seriously injured victims of machinery accidents, on-the-job injuries, construction accidents and other injuries. And because we know injured workers’ wallets are often stretched thin, we always offer free, confidential consultations to potential clients. To speak with an experienced Texas machinery accident attorney today, call us at 1-817-645-5400 or fill out our convenient online case evaluation form.
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