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Leland Reinhard - Board Certified Personal Injury Attorney
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>> Traumatic Brain Injury
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Traumatic Brain Injury
Brain injuries have many causes. The trauma may be massive and leave victims in a vegetative state. It may also be less catastrophic and result in changes to an individual’s personality, cognitive abilities and emotional stability. Although there is a wide variation in the causes and consequences of traumatic brain injury (TBI), one thing is common to every case: the victim will have needs throughout his or her life.

Our lawyer Leland A. Reinhard helps people who have suffered a brain injury because of negligence or misconduct. Because of his legal experience and medical knowledge, our firm is able to build strong cases for compensation to meet the needs of a person with a brain injury.


Our clients with brain injuries come to us after another’s negligence lead to a:

• Car accident
• Motorcycle accident
• Truck accident
• Fall
• Gunshot

If you or a loved on suffered a brain injury, it is important to learn whether you are eligible to make a claim for compensation. Contact our Cleburne law office to discuss you case.
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