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Boating Accidents
Our office provides experienced legal assistance to victims of boating accidents in Texas. Texas has more square miles of inland water than any other state in the US. More than 620,000 boats are registered here, making our state a beautiful location for enjoying the water, but also a prime destination for boating injuries to occur.

In 2003, 198 boating accidents took place in Texas, including 32 drownings. Cruising Texas lakes can be a pleasurable pastime, but one that can also turn deadly when boat operators fail to follow the rules of the water.

Texas laws prohibit operating a boat or other water craft under the influence of drugs or alcohol. However, many of the boating accidents that occur are a direct result of alcohol abuse. Other crashes happen when boat operators simply neglect to pay attention to proper procedures, causing injuries to those nearby.

According to Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, the most severe boating injuries, including those that are fatal, take place in the following situations:

• On a weekend
• Between noon and 7 PM
• Involve the victim falling overboard
• Involve an open motorboat

If you have suffered an injury from a boating accident, a personal injury attorney with experience handling boating-related claims in Texas can be a vital resource. The laws that apply to injuries that occur on and around the water are much more complex than those surrounding other types of accidents. The claim and amount of damages that can be recovered may be controlled by state negligence law, federal maritime law or both. Determining the responsible party can be difficult in a boating accident. A boating accident attorney must be able to prove whether the operator of the boat was negligent, or the manufacturer of the watercraft was to blame.

Boating accident lawyer Leland A. Reinhard has the knowledge and experience to properly investigate boating accident claims, and to protect the rights of innocent victims and their families. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a boating accident, contact Leland A. Reinhard today.
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